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Affected by the tide of globalization and the return of various populism, the international political and economic pattern is developing towards disharmony and instability. Global governance has entered the "Goldelberg trap." As far as the international economic structure is concerned, long-term economic growth momentum is gestating, short-term policy imbalances and international economic turmoil are intensifying, the global division of labor system is undergoing restructuring, and international economic rules are being rewritten. Persistent Sino-US competition under the changes in the international economic and political structure has also become the main line of the international environment. 

2021 International Conference on International Politics, Economics and Economics in 2021 (IPEE 2021) will be held in Hong Kong, China from November 16 to 17, 2021. How the global economy develops under the new situation, how the major economies can achieve a win-win situation in the differences is the meeting. The theme, welcome researchers and college teachers and students in the industry research institutes to contribute.

Accepted papers which meet the conference requirements would be published by CSP and submitted to CPCI (ISTP) and CNKI for indexing.


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Instructions for Authors

1. The article must be in English, not plagiarized, and no more than one manuscript;

2. All papers will be reviewed by 2-3 peer reviewers, and the review period is about 

    1-5 days;

3. The General Assembly follows the principle of “submission first, first review, 

    first submission” and publishes in batches.

4. (1) The minimum number of pages per paper is 4 pages for all contributions.  

   (2) The maximum number of pages per paper is 30 pages for keynote speakers.

   (3) The maximum number of pages per paper is 26 pages for regular contributions. 

   For accepted papers, one registration covers 4 pages including tables, figures and 

   references, and additional pages will be charged at 50 USD/Page or 200 RMB/Page.

5. Please submit your papers to official email:

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 

June 10, 2021

Registration Deadline: 

June 15, 2021

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